Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This is what my surgery was (sorta)

This is for the handful of family and friends who I shared this blog with during recovery (who aren't obsessive jaw bloggers who know every aspect of these procedures already!). This is a combination of the surgery I had, though my bite is different than the videos.

Maxillary (upper jaw) Advanced 6mm (Mine was separated into 3 pieces as well as moved forward)

Mandibal Advanced 12mm

I also had my nasal turbinates cleared on both sides.


  1. These videos are great aren't they. I didn't realise how complex your surgery was until I watched these! x

  2. This is a great way to show exactly how your surgery was completed. I gotta do this too! :)

  3. I've watched these utube videos before, and they're great for a somewhat simplistic explanation. Thanks so much for your blog, I'll have my lower jaw moved forward in a few weeks, and I'll have to make sure my mother sees your progress so she'll be less freaked out about mine. ;)