Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 23 - Video

Had a follow up appointment with my orthodontist today. He didn't want to do too much on Monday, because it was too soon so today he went to town. When my surgeon split my upper jaw into three pieces he had cut my arch wire in two places and "reattached" it with a hard composite. My orthodontist spent this afternoon drilling that composite off my wire so that he could remove and replace it. He also replaced a broken band on one of my molars. I was in the chair with my mouth open for quite some time. I happily left without rubber bands! He'd like to expand my upper arch a bit and put in a 1625 wire today. I am going back a week from today so that he can hopefully change the wire to the next size up.

Spoiler alert! There's a very exciting moment around 2:07 in the video.


  1. Hi there,

    I started searching out blogs for orthognathic surgery because I am going to have the procedure done (maybe in a year). I just got braces put on this week and will apply for my husband's insurance at the next go-round because the orthognathic surgery is an Exclusion in my current policy. Sort of scared for all of this, but after watching your video you look great! So I may be keeping up with your blog now. I am also 36 and starting all of this!!! I just started my blog today in case you want to see just how bad my open bite is...haven't seen one so severe yet!

    Thanks for your posts!!

  2. Amanda:
    Thanks for the "speech sample." :) You sound and look great. Hope I am as fortunate when the time comes.

  3. ahh your speech does sound different!! :)