Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I ♥ my OD

Had an appointment today. Finally got the last band added to my last molar. All my teeth now have hardware on them. My OD said the most amazing thing... "I don't have any patience. I'm trying to move all these teeth as fast as I can so that we can get you into surgery." I just wish my teeth would move along with the nice man's plan. My arch wire still has not been changed. But he added twisted wires to a few spots (I forget the proper, they look like springs), but their purpose is to rotate and add space to a few of my crowded teeth. Next appointment in 5 weeks, where he'll upgrade my wire.

P.S. One of my favorite sounds is the little clicking noise of the ligature pliers when they clamp down.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Braces and more dating

Hi kids,

I can't believe I've had braces for 2 months. I've almost forgotten about them. The only thing that reminds me is when meeting new people, and by new people I mean new guys on dates.  I'm happy to say I'm past  the kissing w/braces experiment. All went well. It seems the only thing I'm still having trouble with is eating-like-a-normal-person-on-a-date challenge. Since I'm limited by my vegan diet, I'm usually stuck ordering the worst braces foods imaginable. Last night I had an arugula salad. I'm sure I don't even have to describe the bounty of little leafy greens stuck in my grill when I was done - since you all have been there. I did excuse myself after I was done (making sure I did not open my mouth too wide) and made a trip to the ladies room. I, of course, forgot my toothbrush in my other bag, so I was left to swish and gargle my dinner all out. It worked pretty good except for a stubborn piece of lettuce on a back bracket. Somehow, when trying to get it out with my finger, I snagged my bottom lip on the arch wire.  It was so snagged that I had to actually re-maneuver my bleeding lip off the wire. It was awesome. I waited a few minutes for the bleeding to slow and went back to the table and quickly grabbed and reapplied my cherry lip balm. It was date number 2 and we already have plans for a third, so no harm done (except to my lip)!

In reality it hasn't been too bad. The guys who I've gone out with all thought (or rather said) they were cute. Of course, here's one text exchange that wasn't so smooth:

guy: Thanks for going out with me last nite I had fun and you are really cute! Even with braces:)
me: Yes, me too. But 'even w/braces' is not very nice!

Oh well. Hope you all have a great weekend!


and yes, i'm totally back to my glasses.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Braces Week 6

Sorry I've been so quiet the past few weeks! It's been a bit uneventful on the metal mouth front. I did have a couple appointments, one to put in more separators, the other to actually add more bands to my molars. My OD also put in a spring between my bottom central incisors. I have to go in again next week for one more separator on my last stubborn molar.

Here's a comparison of week 1 and 6. I can see a little movement. My upper wire is less 'bent' now.
I still haven't had a wire change. 

I know, not a very exciting post. I do have another first date tonight, so we'll see how that goes. There seem to be plenty of guys who seem to not mind the braces. Maybe I'm just attracting metal fetishists. Oh well!