Friday, October 21, 2011

Braces and more dating

Hi kids,

I can't believe I've had braces for 2 months. I've almost forgotten about them. The only thing that reminds me is when meeting new people, and by new people I mean new guys on dates.  I'm happy to say I'm past  the kissing w/braces experiment. All went well. It seems the only thing I'm still having trouble with is eating-like-a-normal-person-on-a-date challenge. Since I'm limited by my vegan diet, I'm usually stuck ordering the worst braces foods imaginable. Last night I had an arugula salad. I'm sure I don't even have to describe the bounty of little leafy greens stuck in my grill when I was done - since you all have been there. I did excuse myself after I was done (making sure I did not open my mouth too wide) and made a trip to the ladies room. I, of course, forgot my toothbrush in my other bag, so I was left to swish and gargle my dinner all out. It worked pretty good except for a stubborn piece of lettuce on a back bracket. Somehow, when trying to get it out with my finger, I snagged my bottom lip on the arch wire.  It was so snagged that I had to actually re-maneuver my bleeding lip off the wire. It was awesome. I waited a few minutes for the bleeding to slow and went back to the table and quickly grabbed and reapplied my cherry lip balm. It was date number 2 and we already have plans for a third, so no harm done (except to my lip)!

In reality it hasn't been too bad. The guys who I've gone out with all thought (or rather said) they were cute. Of course, here's one text exchange that wasn't so smooth:

guy: Thanks for going out with me last nite I had fun and you are really cute! Even with braces:)
me: Yes, me too. But 'even w/braces' is not very nice!

Oh well. Hope you all have a great weekend!


and yes, i'm totally back to my glasses.


  1. Hey Amanda!!
    I'm sooo on the same page as you!!
    Dating with braces, hmmmmm
    A lot of guys tell me the braces don't matter, theyre temporary anyway. the good thing is, when we're out of the braces, we'll have a top notch smile!
    Its so hard for friends to understand what its like to become single and have braces, ughhh!! lol
    They do still make me nervous though, I'd post stuff about this but my ex reads my blog, blahh!
    I love your posts!

  2. oiy, stuck to greens when out in public, I can't even imagine. The worst thing ever, I've found, is cooked spinach. It's something I avoid at all costs outside of my own house.

  3. Thanks ladies. Terra, I really think the braces weed out the creeps. It's kind of a blessing in disguise... a really awkward, shiny disguise. Nicole, it's the WORST! Beans are pretty bad too.

    I forgot to mention in this post, about the gum... I had popped in a piece before I got there. When my beer came to the table i tried to discreetly spit it out into a paper napkin but it was stuck in one of my back bands! It was so embarrassing. I actually came clean and laughed about understanding why gum is usually a no no for people in my condition. oy vey.

  4. Amanda, There really are SO many guys out there who could care less about the braces. I was SO worried and felt so uncomfortable around guys, thinking I looked so unattractive, but I honestly have had MORE guys approach me since having them on than prior! Funny how much we worry about things that really don't matter. :)

  5. Amanda i'm exactly the same with the eating thing, I hate eating in front of anyone now let alone if I was out with a boy! And you look so cute with your braces and glasses!
    Beth :)

  6. Amanda, you are super-cute with braces. You are in the prime of your life, and you sound like you are having a great time! I'm anxious to to follow your "orthognathic process", and I know that things will turn out great for you. Best wishes on everything!

  7. Aww. Thanks ladies:) I do feel great these days!