Monday, June 6, 2011

To the dogs...

Ok, so I'm still waiting to get into the Oral Surgeon's to have my 4th molar's extracted (yes, 4th molars). My orthodontist would like to wait until that's done to put my braces on. I've read a lot about the jaw surgery anxiety dreams. Well, I had the lamer braces anxiety dream! Maybe I shouldn't say anxiety, it was more braces envy. Yes, the dog in my dream had braces. And by the smile he was giving me, I think he was rubbing in how straight his teeth have gotten.

I couldn't help but re-create the image:)


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    1. Yes, please use it! I should let you know that I don't remember where the original picture of the dog came from. It wasn't taken by me, but from an image online. I did however, add the braces.