Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting family on board...

I've been lucky that most of my family has been pretty supportive about my decision to do what may seem like extreme measures. The only hold out was my dad.

He is a TMJ specialist who's primary focus is now sleep apnea. Even though he referred me to orthodontist Dr. Hang and touted him as "the best", he was not enthusiastic (to say the least) about surgery. Being in the field he's in, he knows how detrimental botched jaw surgeries can be to TMJD and breathing, having seen countless patients over the years with problems post-surgery. Since I really needed his emotional support and medical knowledge in my corner I brought him to a consultation appointment with Dr. Hang yesterday (my 3rd consultation since 2007!). He walked in with doubt, but left fully supportive!

Lucky for all of us currently on this journey, jaw surgery techniques have changed in the last 30 years.

- Amanda

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  1. Your lucky to have someone who knows so much about this process to go with you to appointments! I work in health care so understand a lot about the anatomy, etc but sometimes wish I didn't know as much as I!