Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And it begins...

I'm 35 with a terrible bite. I had braces when I was about 12, by an orthodontist who had a business relationship with my dad (a dentist). It was free. You get what you pay for. I now have an open bite and crooked teeth. My airway is the size of a straw. Oh, and I have a deviated septum. So if you ever want to kill me, just place one finger over a nostril and place the other gently around my throat.

I first went to Dr. Hang about 3 years ago with the hope of invisalign. Seemed perfect! Well, after x-rays and imaging of my jaw I was sadly told that braces and surgery were the only option. I left the office and thought "I can handle teeth that don't close and limited breathing, right?" Flash forward 4 years and I just received approval from my insurance company. Even they agree that the surgery is "medically necessary."

All I need to decide now is metal or ceramic...


  1. This is my sequel too! My orthodontist Totally messed me up at 13 yrs old. Finally this is it huh?! Lol

    I would recommend ceramic just because why not. Esthetic wise it looks better especially when we are not teenagers anymore. Plus I heard they may even move this quickly. What I do recommend are self ligating braces. They don't need little rubberbands like traditional braces. They have these little doors. So its less painful and they def move things a lot quicker.

    One thing I did wrong was request ceramic for both upper n lower teeth. Usually it is upper ceramic and lower metal. I was too self conscious to have any metal. But they are giving me problems because they can chip upper teeth and they tend to fall off especially from biting food. In my case I have a crown on my bottom front tooth and they don't stay on for sh**. That bracket has fallen off 3 times already which is obviously delaying the process.

    Well whatever u choose, good luck!

  2. Welcome aboard!!! I'm so excited for you starting this journey toward a perfect bite and proper breathing.

    LOL@ "So if you ever want to kill me, just place one finger over a nostril and place the other gently around my throat." ---That was hilarious!

    Best wishes...It will be over before you know it!

  3. Ladies, thanks so much for the support!!! It was only after reading several blogs that I thought "Wow, I can do this!" What a fantastic community! And thanks S N for being my first follower;)