Monday, September 12, 2011

Braces and dating...

So, not only did I just have my first date in 12 years, but I did it with braces! (I'm not a hermit, I just broke up w/my boyfriend, of yes, 12 years - go figure.) So, I created a profile on eHarmony and OF COURSE, the big question was where in my profile I break the news about my braceface. I ended up deciding that one picture (w/caption) of me with braces thrown into the rest was plenty explanation. After a few back and forth communications with my potential suitor, flash forward to me driving to my date and getting last minute panic - MAYBE HE DIDN'T SEE MY PICTURE WITH BRACES!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!

I, of course, couldn't help myself and asked 5 minutes into it "you did see that I had braces, right?" He laughed and said, "yes, they look good!" Lol. He may have been lying, but I appreciated it:) We had a great time and I think we'll probably go out again.

Most importantly, when I got to my car, I didn't have any bits of food stuck on my teeth. This is going to be very interesting...


  1. Oh Amanda you are so cute! I love that you are are dating with your braces on (and so you should be!!). So glad it worked out well :) Keep up updated hehe :)

  2. So funny! I've often wondered the same thing, how on earth can I date now...34,divorced,kid,fluffy butt, and BRACES. EEEEgahds!

    It makes me nervous, how does one see past them, how in the hell would I kiss someone without shredding their lips?

    Sorry, not trying to add to any insecurities, just totally relate. Then again, I should probably wait for someone to ask me out before I panic :)


  3. I'm so happy for you! The thought of going out with anyone while i'm braced up terrifies me, and the whole kissing issue is on a whole new level!

  4. Ladies, LOL! I think we need an expert to weigh in on the matter! (anyone?) Unfortunately, the last time I had braces was in the 6th grade and as sophisticated as I fancied myself, I certainly wasn't kissing boys yet (at least not in that way). Of course, we did all talk at length about the possibility of "locking teeth" while kissing a boy w/braces. THANK GOODNESS we don't have to still worry about THAT!!! Can you imagine?

  5. Hi Amanda!
    How fun for you, enjoy the dating and any guy that takes issue with your braces is not worth the time anyway! You are very cute and braces not detract from that...on the contray they enhance who you are!
    Cheers to your adventures!

  6. I've had the same issues, and I always think boys won't find me attractive with braces. Since I've had braces I've had one date with someone who didnt know I had braces. I don't think it horrified him. It never went any further than one date but he didn't mind kissing me on the date so he obviously wasn't that bothered about the braces!

    I met someone else while I had braces and he still wanted to see me again, so again they can't have been that horrifying.

    So in general I don't think it completely puts people off...although having said that I'm still single lol! But then I was single long before the braces so maybe it's just me haha!

    And don't worry about kissing, braces don't affect it...just make sure you don't have any food stuck in there, wouldn't be nice for the person you're kissing haha!

  7. As if dating wasnt already complicated enough lol
    We've gotta do it with braces!!!

  8. Braces as an adult are so weird. The first time I had red wine and saw my horrible purple brackets, I thought, "I don't remember this from when I had braces before." Um, when I was in eighth grade?!?!? I guess not.

    1. Tom, that is no joke! I was in my ortho's office the other day and there was this junior high kid getting his braces off and they asked what was he most excited about eating after getting them off and he said gummy bears... I was shouting 'red wine' in my head.