Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Separators Round 2 :(

When my braces were 'installed' two weeks ago, most of my molars were still so tight that my ortho couldn't get bands around them. He was only able to get them on my back 2nd and 3rd molars in one area (lower left).  At the time he told me I had to come back in two weeks to get separators AGAIN to try to finish the job. That's what I did today. And sadly, since I clenched my way through the rubber kind last time, he used metal separators (not pictured below). They really hurt! I go back in two weeks so that he can finish the job. He did mention right away that he could see movement. If you say so doc...

If anyone is wondering why I'm talking about my wisdom teeth (3rd molars), remembering I had oral surgery in July, it was my freak of nature 4th molars that were extracted. I had an extra on both my lower sides.  For a small girl I apparently have a huge mouth and don't need to have my real wisdom teeth removed. Yay!

And just because I know you all want to get a REALLY close up view of the inside of my mouth...

My ortho would like bands on the very back teeth. 

My lower left is the only 'completed' quadrant. #19 was pulled many years ago after it cracked in half. The space is much bigger than what the picture shows. 


  1. Amanda,
    Metal separators do not sound like any fun at all! I hope you are not in too much pain! Good luck!

  2. I had rubber separators and they were bad enough so I feel for you!

  3. Hi Amanda!
    Great pictures! Spacers are rough..hope the pain goes away quickly. I couln't get all the bands in at the same time either, it took a couple times! Hang in there.