Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 61 - Two Months!!!

Celebrated two months by going on another run...only second time since surgery. I am not as tired today as I was after the first time out. Did an interval of 1 1/2 min run, 2 min walk x 6. It felt really good.

And just to mix it up, here's a pic of my dog Pepita, who we call Pippip.

Happy holidays.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cost of Surgery...sit down

Ok, I always knew that there was something wrong with my country's healthcare system, but you can't quite appreciate the dysfunction until you are actually confronted with substantial medical bills.

I have now received all bills for my surgery and DUMBFOUNDED at the huge difference between what is billed and what will actually be paid out. It makes me thankful that I have insurance and realize how unjust it is for someone, without insurance, to be billed the ENTIRE amount, when my insurance company and I don't come close to paying that amount. I know a handful of the top surgeons in this country don't take insurance and now I know why.

Below is a breakdown. My portion is 30% of the negotiated insurance rate. My annual deductible is $550 and maximum out of pocket is $5650 (Meaning, I don't have to pay any medical bills after I've hit $6200 for the year). I've had other doctor's appointments this year, so you'll notice my insurance company has to pay a bit more on the hospital bill b/c it maxed out my annual obligated amount.

P.S. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the hospital bill.

Surgeon Fee: 18,750.00
Paid by Ins.: 3,205.28
Paid by Me: 1,373.66
Difference: 14,171.06

Anesthesia Fee: 4,140.00
Paid by Ins.: 1,276.48
Paid by Me: 547.06
Difference: 1,769.04

Hospital Fee: 47,139.88
Paid by Ins.: 8,073.06
Paid by Me: 3,245.94
Difference: 35,820.88

TOTAL BILLED: 70,029.88
TOTAL INS.:12,554.82
TOTAL ME: 5,166.66
DIFFERENCE: 52,308.40

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 56 - Week 8

Hi All,

Not much to report. I have an ortho appointment next week. My mouth can open a little more than two fingers, some joint pain from all the chewing. My most numb area (my chin) is no longer completely numb, but has some feeling. My lips are the next in line, but I really feeling them coming back to normal in the next month. My gums are another story, but who cares!

Today's pics:

I recently came across my notebook from the hospital and thought it was worth sharing. Aside from pathetic pictures, I think it really captures how you feel right after surgery:)

 "was scared of suction of suture" Written after waking up and the nurse is using the suction tube in my mouth and I pushed her and it away. I was horrified that the line of sutures in my mouth would be ripped out. Right?!

"nauseous not yet" meaning "not yet nauseous"
"remember vegan! most have dairy. I can't feel it going in. am I really drinking. i am now!"

"I'm scared of getting nauseous on pain meds my tummy is a little sensitive right now"
"it's amazing i can actually feel my teeth overlapping w/my tongue -overlapping. R my glasses around? I'd like to do a quick blog post." with blood splatters on page:)

to my doc "do people really start talking by now?" he said yes. i could only grunt... to jeff: "did u eat? u eat? T.Y. your phone works?"

To the nurse who said my only food choice was dairy: "boo & b.s."

These last two are my last entries, they are from the morning. I was semi-talking after that. 

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 49 - 7 weeks!

Hi all,

Feeling great. Still totally numb on my chin and gums. Semi-numb on lips, checks and nose, but really fading.

Jeff had dental work today...I was so excited to have him numb with me! I kept telling him, now try to drink something! Go ahead, now eat! He actually did pretty well:)