Tuesday, September 25, 2012

T Minus 20 Days

I can't believe I'm 20 days out till surgery... yikes. I have really been distracted this month and time is flying by. I'm happy to say I am in the process of moving!! I am very excited to be moving in with my boyfriend and his 8 year old son. It's just crazy how everything happens at once. When we were trying to figure out timing, it was either NOW or wait a few months until after my surgery when I'm able bodied. So, we are in a mad dash to get everything moved in and organized so that I can have a week of sanity before we leave for New Hampshire on Oct. 11th.

We will also be celebrating one year dating on Oct. 17, the day after surgery. We will mark the occasion by Jeff wiping spit and blood from my chin and toasting plastic syringes.

Hip hip hooray!

my new man:) he has recently asked if I will be able 
to eat tacos without a knife and fork after my surgery.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Blogger Pow Wow!

I had such a great time meeting up with Dani and Rhianna this weekend for lunch!!! Is there a better way to prep for surgery than to sit down with two all-star bloggers?  I'm feeling much more relaxed about my impending date after asking the girls a ton of question. It was also amazing to see how they are both doing now over a year after surgery. 

I still wasn't decided on braces and jaw surgery when I first started reading blogs. Dani and Rhianna's were of the first that I came across that made me more excited to say 'yes' to this whole process, so it felt fitting that they have helped send me off to the chopping block. 

Look at those (two) beautiful bites!!! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Me, Myself and My Jaw

Ok, I've never planned a real honeymoon, but I can't wait for the 'honeymoon' I've planned for me and my jaw. This is what happens when your surgery is across the country.

First class plane tickets? Check!  (thank you mileage). Two and a half weeks off of work? Check! One bedroom suite at boutique, downtown hotel? Check! Picturesque, New England town in the middle of Fall? Check! Boyfriend? Check!

I am really excited for this trip... except for the fact of that I'll be having my face sawed in half. We arrive on Friday for my pre-op surgical appointment and my surgery is on Tuesday, so at least we have the weekend to enjoy it:)

The question is whether I'll be able to enjoy the biggest pumpkin festival of the year, happening 100 feet from my hotel, 4 days after my surgery.