Tuesday, September 25, 2012

T Minus 20 Days

I can't believe I'm 20 days out till surgery... yikes. I have really been distracted this month and time is flying by. I'm happy to say I am in the process of moving!! I am very excited to be moving in with my boyfriend and his 8 year old son. It's just crazy how everything happens at once. When we were trying to figure out timing, it was either NOW or wait a few months until after my surgery when I'm able bodied. So, we are in a mad dash to get everything moved in and organized so that I can have a week of sanity before we leave for New Hampshire on Oct. 11th.

We will also be celebrating one year dating on Oct. 17, the day after surgery. We will mark the occasion by Jeff wiping spit and blood from my chin and toasting plastic syringes.

Hip hip hooray!

my new man:) he has recently asked if I will be able 
to eat tacos without a knife and fork after my surgery.


  1. It's getting so close!!
    I feel like 20 days to go was yesterday for me and now I'm in the single digits. Can't wait to see all your updates.
    I'll be sending you lots and lots of good vibes.
    Hope the move goes great as well.

  2. Amanda! Hey there....Best wishes on your big move and a happy "Saw the Jaw" day to you!

  3. Thanks ladies!!! (So nice to see your face Cece!)
    Am anxiously excited!

  4. You will love NH in the fall!! I lived there most of my life - and hopefully I'll be headed up at the end of October/beginning of November to visit family!! (My first surgery was in October 1985 in Dover NH!)
    My surgery is Friday - I'll try to post updates afterward to keep people filled in!!
    It goes by quickly!!

  5. Thanks so much Sherry! Yes, very excited about NH. I'm trying to focus on the 4 days I'll be there pre-surgery;) Good luck on Friday! I'll be sending out lots of good vibes your way!

  6. You can do tons in 4 days! If you like seafood ... You will be in heaven (have some for me! Atlanta does not have much for seafood!!)

  7. wee wee! time to schedule a lunch date so we can chit chat while you still can :) hope the move is going well. my mom is here from oct 2-9, so maybe we can get lunch before then. i'll text you :)

  8. Moving in together, I'm soo happy for you!!! And surgery is just around the corner, the next few weeks are hopefully going to fly by and you'll be back at your new home before you know it. I hope everything s going well with the move:)

  9. Yay Yay 20 days, you are so close now!! So glad the move is going well for you and your new family. I love the photo of you both at Yosemite, Just gorgeous!! Let me know if you have any last questions. Happy to Help :)

  10. 17 days now, so excited for you. The last minute move is stressful I'm sure, but it will keep you busy enough to not stress yourself sick over the surgery. The six weeks prior to my surgery were more hectic than I'd ever experienced (family staying with me for a month, Keir moved back in 2 weeks before surgery) but in hindsight, it really helped my mind to stay crazy busy.
    You will soon be crunching tacos the proper way(he is too cute). And let me tell you, it's a strangely amazing experience!

  11. Good luck with your move, I hope it all goes smoothly! It must be so exciting to have surgery right around the corner, have you gotten your supplies/needed foods in place? It also seems you have a wonderful support team that will be there for you post-op :) !!!

    Take care

  12. Good luck with moving! I've been following your journey for a while and it's great to see you'l be "on the other side" soon!

    1. Thanks Tiff! I just added you and a link to your blog to my "Surgeries-R-Us" post. http://bracefacethesequel.blogspot.com/2012/08/surgeries-r-us.html It's crazy how busy this month is for surgeries!