Monday, January 30, 2012

Mirror, mirror

I mentioned in an earlier post that I started a new job around the new year. My office is on the 17th floor... it's a good long ride...the elevator doors are HIGHLY reflective.

I realized today that every single time I get into the elevator and the doors shut, I step right up to them and examine my teeth. It also occurred to me that there are definitely cameras in the elevators. I just wonder what the security people must think?! "There goes that lunatic smiling at herself... again."

The photos below were hastily taken with the knowledge that there was someone at the video screen monitors, probably muttering "Now she's taking pictures of herself..."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

(almost) 5 month update

Hi all! It's been a little crazy these last few months. I wrapped up a job at the end of the year that I was at for 12 years... It took much of my focus, so I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while.

i was proud of my bloody
sock after a run.
That was my last task in the "Great Amanda Changes of 2011." Here they are in order: went vegan, got braces, dumped boyfriend,  met amazing "braceface lovin" new boyfriend and quit job. Oh, and I started running! I took it slow with a "couch to 5k" iphone app. I proudly ran 3 miles twice last week. That is seriously the longest (distance and time) I've EVER run. I'm hoping the stamina will help me recover from surgery. Most people train for races, I'm training for surgery.

ok, back on topic...
I made an un-scheduled trip to my ortho today (my next appt. is on Feb 1st). I made the mistake of biting into a very hard baguette and popped one of my brackets loose. He fixed it and added a few coils onto my lower teeth to add more space and keep some teeth from rotating.

month 4 day 26

I found some original Braceface photos and I wanted to share. Especially, since it looks like I am posing for a blog... my brother and I would also refer to these as catalog pictures. And, of course, I couldn't help but dork out and recreate the modern version, almost 25 years later...

May 1987 (11)  vs.  Jan 2012 (35)

I had bands around every single tooth... no brackets:( 

I also had really awesome bangs. 

Anyway, hope you all are great. Here's to 2012!