Saturday, March 17, 2012

Join the Revolution

Some of us have open bites, some under, some over... But, one thing we all have in common is learning to bite into food our own freakish way. For instance, I employ the "side-bite" leading with my right canine...  Which brings me to today's post.

My bracket has popped off my right canine twice from overuse. However, I've discovered this to be a blessing, not a curse because it has twice gotten me into my ortho's office two weeks before my scheduled time. Each of these appointment-between-appointments have offered a full inspection by my OD, with tweaking of all his different "projects" in my mouth: space between #18 and #20, crowding of lower centrals, etc. Which leads me to believe we all should be seen by our OD's much more often than scheduled! So, let's go fellow bloggers... let's start a riot.

Every revolution needs a t-shirt, right?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Traveling for Surgery

Los Angeles, CA to Keene, NH: 2,962 mi
I recently received a post comment from fellow blogger Laura noticing my surgeon is in New Hampshire and I'm in California asking about travel and follow up appointments. Yes indeedie, I am one of those unfortunate people who is traveling for surgery. My OD only sends patients to two surgeons: one in Dallas and one in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, the doc in Dallas (Dr. Wolford) isn't an 'in network' provider, so, I will be packing my bags and flying 3000 miles away to Keene, New Hampshire. I'll arrive a day or two before surgery for my pre-surgery appointment, will stay at least two weeks after and will probably need to fly back for a 6 month check up (barring any unforeseen issues, like having screws or plates removed).  It's not ideal, but it will work. My OD will do all follow up appointments after I arrive back home - including removing my splint. I've mapped out where I'm going to stay, I have the mileage it will take to get there coach and back first class (I'll deserve the upgrade) and have even started making a list of vegan friendly stores for juice, smoothies and soup. I've had a handful of family members and friends (and the man) offer to go with me... so we'll see who really likes me this summer. I'm hoping for August. I'll learn more at my next appointment in two weeks. Hopefully, I'll get my steel wires. 

In case you are interested, here are a couple of great blogs of people who have traveled for surgery: - from Texas, traveled to Baltimore, MD, she recently made an unplanned trip back to have metal removed. - we have the same OD, she went to Dallas to see Wolford. Braces are off. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Rally Beard

Let me start off by saying, no, I don't have a beard... but my boyfriend does! And yes, we are officially boyfriend and girlfriend... sigh. When I met him he was clean shaven. It was in the second week that he showed up with some stubble and was a little embarrassed about it. I showed such enthusiasm about said stubble that he kept it growing with my encouragement. That was 4 months ago. With my continued support and his continued trimming, he still has the beard.

It recently occurred to me that I didn't remember what he looked like without it. So, we (I) thought of the fantastic idea that he should keep his beard until I got my braces off... then we both won't recognize each other! So, here's to the rally beard! (if you are reading this babe, no pressure, feel free to shave any time!)

my mountain man

Braceface and Beardface

Monday, March 5, 2012

6 Months in Braces

I had an appointment with my OD last week. It was once again one of those appointments where he says, 'hmm, let's keep these wires, I need a little bit more movement here before we change to steel." But, that's the lesson we all learn right? Patience? Also, passing the 6 month mark in braces made me realize that this whole process will be over before I know it, time has really flown. My next appt is in three weeks. He is trying to straighten out my lower central crowded mess, then we can go to steel.

Here are some comparisons between month 4 and now. The biggest difference I can see is my bottom arch is definitely expanding.  My missing tooth space is almost double the size it was.