Saturday, March 17, 2012

Join the Revolution

Some of us have open bites, some under, some over... But, one thing we all have in common is learning to bite into food our own freakish way. For instance, I employ the "side-bite" leading with my right canine...  Which brings me to today's post.

My bracket has popped off my right canine twice from overuse. However, I've discovered this to be a blessing, not a curse because it has twice gotten me into my ortho's office two weeks before my scheduled time. Each of these appointment-between-appointments have offered a full inspection by my OD, with tweaking of all his different "projects" in my mouth: space between #18 and #20, crowding of lower centrals, etc. Which leads me to believe we all should be seen by our OD's much more often than scheduled! So, let's go fellow bloggers... let's start a riot.

Every revolution needs a t-shirt, right?


  1. the really important thing about keeping 1 mo between appointments is that 1 month is the researched amount of time that works best to move the teeth, resorb and add bone to the areas that teeth are being moved. i originally thought the same thing, 'why not just go at a faster pace?' but it turns out, that is not the best thing for you.

  2. My ortho always makes me wait 2 months!! UGH!!
    I would so wear one of those tshirts

  3. LOL, I love it! I've noticed that my orthodontist is much more attentive at those emergency appointments. Somehow they always end up at a time when there is nobody else in the office and he has time to study my teeth in depth, and he makes way more changes than during a regular appointment. Go figure!

  4. @Laura, I know you are right... but it's good to vent! I do believe that both my unscheduled appts saved me a few weeks of treatment time. Even my OD was happy I came in since both times he was able to stop over-rotation of a couple particularly stubborn and crowded teeth from occurring. With my crowded lower incisors, it's the domino effect... straighten one, the tooth next to it rotates. Projects like that require care:) In the first few months I was going every 6 weeks, now I'm every 4, which makes me happy.

    @Terra, that's crazy!
    @BaliGirl, I'm lucky, I usually go in during the middle of the day when all the kiddies are in school.

  5. Love your blog!! You are so funny! I am having a hard time believing you are 35, though! You look so young!! :) Looking forward to following your progress!