Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 233 - 7 months, 3 Weeks Post Op

Hello all,

I had my impromptu 2 week appointment yesterday and am now in rubber bands for another two weeks (for the final push to close my bite a little more). It's been 24 hours and I can really see a difference! My next appointment is in another two weeks. I'm crossing my fingers for that one;)

In the meantime, I look like this!

I have one rubber band square on each side of my midline. 


  1. Hi Amanda! It's weird you've just been put back in bands cos so have I! Went to the ortho on Wednesday and she's given my bands to wear just at night though, for my final month in braces! Also congratulations on your engagement! Proof that love can still blossom for us brace faces...unfortunately I haven't been so lucky in love during my brace days... but then I wasn't lucky before them either! Congratulations again, you will make a beautiful bride :D x

  2. Great to see another adult enduring braces. I went to this orthodontist close to where I live and I have another year to go. Thanks for inspiring.