Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I had another one of my "appointment-between-appointments"... which I swear by. One of my lower central incisors likes to rotate and my OD has spent most of the time I've been in braces un-rotating it. Everything was looking good when I went in last week, so he didn't have to re-tie or power chain that tooth, it was left to sit with it's fellow teeth with just bracket and ligature. Well, a few days ago I noticed it starting to rotate again. I called the office and Dr. Hang told me to stop by. It was a great appointment yesterday (may 24th... this post is a little delayed). He was able to check in on other "projects" in my mouth and adjust them bc things weren't moving like he'd hoped. I really believe this appointment saved me a month of delays.

Or maybe I'm just thrilled I was able to go in bc last week one of the assistants convinced me to switch things up to gold ligs and they were horrifying!!! I'm back to baby blue... thank goodness.

I haven't seen a picture of my naked teeth in soooo long! 
This is 9 months in braces.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

There are two phrases we all look forward to hearing as bracefaced jaw surgery patients:

"I think you can go ahead and book surgery." 


"I think we can go ahead and take these horrible things off."

Well, my friends, I've heard the first of these beautiful statements. I have been given the green light to call the surgeon's office and book for mid to late September. (it will be about 13 months after I got my braces on.)

I have to give credit to my OD's assistant Liz. At my adjustment yesterday Dr. Hang kept saying things like, "oh, you'll be ready soon" and "yep, looking good" and "just a few more appointments to go". Liz interjected "So, can she actually call and schedule her appointment?" Dr. Hang: "Yes!" Me: (quietly weeping tears of joy)

So, I called my surgeon's office first thing this morning. They asked me to resend my insurance info so that they can resubmit it for approval. Once we get an approval letter, I can book it. (I actually called their office a couple months ago to ask how backed up they were with scheduling surgeries and was relieved to find out usually only a month or two.)

Hip hip hooray!!!

In the meantime my bite is getting more and more open.

Here are just a few pics to show how weird it is.

I have a bit of a cant too. This is biting down.

I'm actually biting down here too.  (From a recent trip to Yosemite)
Another pic from Yosemite. Absolutely AMAZING! Nothing to do with my bite, but had to share.