Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

There are two phrases we all look forward to hearing as bracefaced jaw surgery patients:

"I think you can go ahead and book surgery." 


"I think we can go ahead and take these horrible things off."

Well, my friends, I've heard the first of these beautiful statements. I have been given the green light to call the surgeon's office and book for mid to late September. (it will be about 13 months after I got my braces on.)

I have to give credit to my OD's assistant Liz. At my adjustment yesterday Dr. Hang kept saying things like, "oh, you'll be ready soon" and "yep, looking good" and "just a few more appointments to go". Liz interjected "So, can she actually call and schedule her appointment?" Dr. Hang: "Yes!" Me: (quietly weeping tears of joy)

So, I called my surgeon's office first thing this morning. They asked me to resend my insurance info so that they can resubmit it for approval. Once we get an approval letter, I can book it. (I actually called their office a couple months ago to ask how backed up they were with scheduling surgeries and was relieved to find out usually only a month or two.)

Hip hip hooray!!!

In the meantime my bite is getting more and more open.

Here are just a few pics to show how weird it is.

I have a bit of a cant too. This is biting down.

I'm actually biting down here too.  (From a recent trip to Yosemite)
Another pic from Yosemite. Absolutely AMAZING! Nothing to do with my bite, but had to share. 


  1. Congrats!!! best feeling ever!!!
    Looks like we're having surgery around the same time!
    I'm booked for october 5th but i might have it moved up depending on ow the next month goes.

    1. Terra, I love that!!! But for your sake I hope you get an earlier date. Either way, you are right, we will be around the same time... Goodbye open bites!!!

  2. I can't wait til I hear those words! Congrats on booking your date!

  3. Congrats! That must be so exciting. How long did they estimate you'd be in braces pre-surgery originally? They originally gave me an estimate of 18 months before surgery, but I'm wondering if it gets bumped up often.

  4. Congratulations Amanda! I can't wait till they tell me this too!

  5. Thanks ladies! Can't believe it! @Jocelyn, I was told 6-8 months! However, my teeth were very stubborn so, c'est la vie, 13 months later... And I wouldn't be surprised if I got pushed out to October. PS it seems just like yesterday when I got my separators in. Congrats:)

  6. YAY YAY YAY! so excited for you lady! xoxox

  7. Very exciting! It will be here before you know it! Looks like you had a fun trip to Yosemite :)

  8. How exciting !!!! You are totally right about those two statements being the highlights of this journey. YAAAY!

  9. Getting close! Horray for progress.

    I would totally fram that pic of you and your cutie sitting on the wall if I were you. It's gorgeous!

  10. That's great news!! Don't you just love Ortho Assistants? Your pics from Yosemite are awesome! I've always wanted to camp there!