Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 43 - 6 weeks!! (and one day)

I couldn't get it together to post last night, so here is my 6 week update a day late.

I'm feeling great. I was officially able to start chewing soft foods yesterday, though I have to admit, I started on Sunday morning with a bagel.  Then followed it up by chewing every meal after that. It's very bizarre because my teeth are still numb, so I have to rely on my tongue to feel my food's consistency going from solid to mashed.

My surgeon called me last night to see how I was doing at the 6 week mark and to also give me the green light to start chewing soft foods... um... thanks?! I figure I've been so good up until this point that I didn't need to mention the fact that I started a couple days ago! He also said the more I chew, the better my mouth will function, that it will be like physical therapy. He said I should continue sleeping on my back for another 3 weeks. At that point I can also start eating a more regular diet.

I also didn't mention that I went on a jog last week. I didn't over do it. I ran in intervals of 1 min run, 1 1/2 min walk (8 times). This is the first workout in a program called "couch to 5k". I've used it before when training for a 5k race, but figured why not start at the beginning again. I'm glad I did. Even though I felt good while running, I was so exhausted that night. I think I was in bed by 730pm. I haven't run again since then, because it's been so busy with the holidays, but I will go out again this weekend. I have to say, the opening of my airway made a HUGE difference. I didn't feel out of breath at all! (The iPhone app I use is called "Get Running")

Chin, gums and teeth are totally numb. The rest of my face is in different stages of semi-numbness. My lips feel like they are totally chapped, but in reality aren't at all. Just one of those weird semi-numb feelings.

I still get achy feelings in my right jawline and chin, but not as much as I used to.

My next ortho appointment is Dec. 18.

My right side is still more swollen than my left. 


  1. Looking good lady! You look really young in these pics! I can't believe you actually managed to go for a run at 6 weeks! What's this program couch to 5k? Maybe I should look into that as I've totally gotten out of my routine the past few months lol.

    Amanda, you are seriously too cute! So happy for your amazing outcome!!!


  2. Awww, thanks so much Tara! I'm feeling really good.

    Here's a site for couch to 5k.

    I am NOT a runner, but was able to run a 5k at the end of the 9 week program. You run 3x per week and every week it ramps up the interval length. The iPhone app is great bc it times it out and tells you when to start and stop running.

    So glad you checked back in and am so happy for you!!

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