Monday, November 5, 2012

Surgery Supply List

Here are the items that made my life more comfortable:

- Travel neck pillow - I used this my first week and a half at night in addition to 3 pillows.

- Syringes - The hospital supplied these. I used them the first 24 hours after my feeding tube was removed. I found them to be very helpful in the beginning.

- Paper cups - I slurped all my food from paper cups starting on morning 2. Hard plastic and glass are too difficult. I swear by slurping. It takes the same amount of time to slurp an 8 oz cup as it does to syringe 1 oz.

Vick's Vaporizer - A humidifier is a MUST the first week and a half! Since I had my nasal turbinates cleared, my nose was extremely congested, making me breathe through my mouth at night. This was very uncomfortable and made my mouth very dry. The vaporizer let out hot steam, which helped my throat and nose.

- Lip Balm - A MUST. I used a combination of Aquaphor, Vaseline Lip Therapy and Chapstick.

- Blender - a must.

- Ice packs - I brought a jawbraw, but I ended up using the ice packs the hospital sent me home with.

- Baby toothbrush

- Baby spoons

- Apple sauce pouches - quick and easy calories to take before middle of the night meds.

- Hand mirror - I still use one to eat!

My advice is don't go crazy on supplies. I hardly used any of the items I purchased. That being said, if anyone is looking for new supplies, I'd be happy to send you my left overs! I have unused syringes, squeeze bottles, jawbraw w/packs and nutriSqueez pouches. Please don't be shy - let me send them to you!!!


  1. I would take you up on that offer, but I think the UK postage would outweigh the value of the syringes and jawbraw!

    I never thought of a vaporizer... one more thing to worry about now! :S

  2. Hi! I'm having the exact same procedures done in January! I need to start a blog! I'd love to take you up on your offer if u still have the supplies! My email is I love reading your blog!