Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 32

You know when you go to the kitchen and you are about to make something, but then realize you can't eat it because you are on a no chew diet? Well, this afternoon I was about to toast a bagel when I realized my mistake. Then I said f*#k it and toasted it anyway, smothered it in vegan butter and ate it one tiny morsel at a time. It took about a half hour to swallow half a bagel w/out chewing.

I apologize for the off color language, but sometimes, that's how I feel and thank goodness for carbs.


  1. I had a similar episode over tater tots and chicken nuggets. Made them for Mara and said screw it, I'm going to eat these. I diced them to bits and drenched them in ketchup and swallowed them whole. As gross as it was, I felt strangely empowered :)

  2. Hehe this reminds me of when I was helping my mom cook dinner a couple of weeks after surgery and I went to lick the spoon and hit myself in the teeth...then I realized I was still banded shut. What a let down! :)

  3. Ladies, I LOVE your stories! I am laughing trying to picture them both. There definitely is a boiling point in this 'no chew' diet. I'm just happy I only have one more week! But in that time I will turn my nose up at soup:)

  4. Hi Amanda- just wanted to pop in and say you are looking great! I hope your recovery has been going well! Haha, I love your half hour bagel story. I feel you...that soft no chew diet is killer! ;)

    1. Aw, thanks Nikki! I hope you are doing great. Congrats on getting de-braced!!!