Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meeting the Surgeon

Most of you have met your surgeon either when you start this journey or at least midway through. I've only spoken to mine on the phone, exchanged some emails and have heard about how great he is through my ortho and other patients. I was finally able to sit face to face with him yesterday for my pre-op appointment. My greatest fear was him seeing me and saying "Oh, you're not at all ready! Sorry, go home." But after 3 hours of measurements, pictures, xrays, molds and just long hard stares, he confirmed I was ready. Yay and gulp.

Dr. Henry's long stare

This ruler measured every single aspect of my mouth.

Here is the diagnosis:

Maxillary Retrognathia (8-9mm)
Anterior Open Bite (2mm)
Mandibular Retrognathia (18-20mm)
Nasal Airway Obstruction

He will perform the following:
Maxillary LeFort I or III (tbd after a weekend with my molds) - Advance 4-5mm
Bilateral Sagital Split - Advance 10mm
Bilateral Inferior Turbinectomies (scrape out the junk blocking my nasal airway)

I have to say I really feel better after meeting him and spending such a long time talking through my issues and surgery.  I will have a feeding tube from my stomach coming out my nose (like Terra) that will be used to drain blood and junk out and that they will use to pump nutrition in while I'm still out of it. He keeps most of his patients in the hospital for 3 nights, or at least until he's sure enough calories are taken in and nausea is under control to take oral pain meds. He says the first two weeks are the worst and the first 4 days are worse than that. My goal is to get out on day 3 after 2 nights.

I'm so grateful that Jeff came with me and sat through the entire appointment. He actually feels much calmer after hearing about the procedure and being walked through what my issues are. It's easy to forget that our friends and family don't pour over jaw surgery blogs and have no idea of our problems just by looking at us.

This is my post redeye flight look
Love this guy!

I will post again before Tuesday.



  1. It is good to hear you are feeling more comfortable after meeting with the surgeon. I agree, the first four days were the worst. I was only in the hospital one night and I remember wishing I was back there the next night because of the continuous monitoring, pain management, and assistance that they provide.

  2. So happy for you. As much as you want to go home from the hospital only do it if you are ready. I've a needle phob and I've never been hospitalized overnight before but after this surgery i wish i was there the first week. The tube is awesome in the sense that all that gross stuff with be gone without you having to think about it. If I could do it over I would have stayed longer than 3 days because once i got home and was on oral meds I just felt gross. take adult gravol pills and grind them down mixed with water when you are getting really sick. The kids liquid gravol just made me throw up more.
    I hope you have a great surgery with a great recovery.
    If you have any questions at any point you can always ask me. I've had to see my surgeon and go in and out of there so much this week I think I've covered every issue that could come up.
    Enjoy lots of yummy food while you can.

    1. Terra, thanks for the words of wisdom. I will definitely keep them in mind and won't leave before I'm ready. Glad to hear your thoughts on the tube... It just seems gross! But I guess the ENTIRE process is gross. (Speaking of which, did you have a catheter after surgery?) How is your recovery going? I can't believe you are at a week!!

  3. Thinking lots about you these last few days and probably will be for the next few more. Hoping for a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery for you.