Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 3

Thanks everyone for your comments. I read them all but have zero concentration to reply.

It's 3am here. Just got an antibiotic in my drip, and it's the dreaded time for me to take Motrin. It's disgusting. It's grape flavored and it makes me gag. It takes 4 1oz diluted syringes to get it down. I'm using syringes to eat everything but water, which I can drink straight from a cup.

The hardest thing is my stuffed nose. I have to breath w/my mouth and it gets so dry.

I think I am getting out of here today. I can't wait to sit next to a steamy shower to try to open up my nasal airway.

Ps I am laughing (on the inside) at everyone who though I looked "cute" in my pics. I definitely don't feel it!

I will do a recap of surgery day when I have energy.

Here r pics I just took.


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