Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 5

Definitely have a bit more spring in my step today. Actually put on jeans and shoes after my shower. Went with my mom to a pharmacy to pick up more Motrin and to take a drive to enjoy all the colors of the trees. Going out in public is a bit humbling, but oh well!

Question: when am I going to be able to really brush my teeth?! My mouth is disgusting. I do what I can... Saline rinse after every meal as well as brushing my front teeth, but it is just not enough!

Oh, and I DID make it out last night to take a look at Pumpkinfest!


  1. My surgeon let me use mouth wash without alcohol mixed with water. Take a little syringe and spray it on each bracket. I think after the first week you should be able to brush. I remember that being awful too but it'll get better in no time. I'm over 2 weeks and still can't brush the inside so i use a q-tip with mouthwash and rub it on the inside of my teeth. I can open about 2mm.

    1. Thanks for the tip!! I will definitely try a syringe and qtip!

  2. I wasn't allowed to take off my bands for 12 days, so had very fuzzy teeth on the inside. It sucked! I had a splint in too, and it had soup pieces and everything on it when it came out. really gross! The syringe and q tip is a great idea, I did use little proxy brushes under my wires, but only in the front since I was banded shut. Get the smallest child's toothbrush for when you can open enough, and end tufted brushes by oral b work well too. they are even smaller.

    You look great, and I think it's great you went out at 5 days! I remember being exhausted just by taking a shower!

  3. Thanks Lou! At least I'm not alone on the "fuzzy" front. I'm noticing it more and more as I get feeling back.