Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 13 - video

Not much to report. Taking a quiet day today.

I did sneeze for the first time since surgery. This was one of the things I have been worried about happening. I sneezed five times in a row. I was told to sneeze with my mouth open. I did, no harm done I think!

Had one of my fave meals so far. Refried beans, mushed avocado and vegan tofutti sour cream. So good.

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  1. I've been worried about sneezing and every time I've felt a sneeze coming I've just pinched my nose to stop it and so far it's worked, but at least I know now that nothing terrible is going to happen if I do sneeze! Ooh refried beans and mashed avacado, that sounds good! I think I'll be sending my mum down to the shops...