Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I'm so excited that I had a real appointment at my ortho's yesterday. Had my separators put in. They told me I would be in a lot of pain for the next few days. Not much so far, which makes me worry that my teeth are slow movers. More to be revealed. Braces in two weeks!!

I feel a bit like I'm in a remedial class getting excited about separators when most of you lovelies are either post-surgery, in surgery or very close.

Brent and Catherine hope you are both recovering well now!!! Good vibes going your way.


  1. Hi Amanda! When I got my separators, they told me that same thing. But I had really no discomfort from them at all. But, sad to say, my teeth do seem to be moving slowly now that I'm in braces (at least, it seems so to me). I'm hope that's not the case for you!

    Did you decide on ceramic or metal?

  2. Amanda,
    Hooray one step closer!! My seperators/spacers things didn't really hurt from what I remember, the braces did however. Don't worry, before you'll know it you will have a date and then the day will be here!

    Life's a party wear the hats

    Niki :)

  3. Hey amanda, I found your blog a while ago, and thought I'd say hi! My separators didn't hurt either, don't remember my teeth being slow to move either. So maybe you will be lucky with them? I took mine all out before I went on holiday as they were bright blue (ortho thinks they 'fell' out ;)) and when I went back to him 3 weeks later one was STILL there, which made my oral hygeine look great(!) cringe.
    anyways, good luck with the spacers xx

  4. Amanda,

    Yay! You are moving to the next stage. This will all move so quickly...and even if your teeth move a bit slowly, at least you know that everyday you are one day closer to your perfect bite. Hang in there!

  5. Thanks ladies!!! I'm really excited. And Ellie, I'm going with metal!

  6. Amanda,

    You'll be a jaw surgery pro by the time your day comes if you're reading up already! I see you were having a hard time choosing which brackets to get. I was going to suggest metal (I know you've already decided). Here are my reasons, if it helps. Clear are quite a bit more expensive. And aesthetically, they are not necessarily better, imho. I loved my clear brackets for the first few weeks, but then the ligs started staining yellow. So, I tried to lay off the cola, coffee, tomato sauce, wine, blah blah, and it was so much work. Then I tried drinking coffee and cola out of a straw like the ortho office suggested. That was just rediculous. So, I still couldn't cut back on coffee enough and ended up going every 2-3 weeks to have my ligs changed because they were yellow. What a pain in the behind!! Trust me, you'd rather have silver teeth than yellow teeth. One single curry dish, and my ligs are orange/brown. You don't need that drama. I just had silver ligs put on yesterday because I'm at my wits end. Get your popcorn and gum chewing in while you can before the braces!


  7. Thanks Nicole.Those are the exact reasons why I'm going with metal. Also, the metal brackets are smaller. I figured I may as well just go for it. I may be 35, but I can enjoy the next few years looking like a 16 year old!!

  8. Hi Amanda, i've just came across your blog and wanted to say hey! I'm like you, at the start of my braces journey (in fact, you're the first person i've found who is at the start!) and i'm due to get my braces on the 7th September.
    By the way, you're lucky - my separators hurt like hell! I got them replaced with metal bands last week and i seem to be coping better :)

  9. Hi Beth! I have to admit, the pain of the separators kicked in a bit more after I wrote this post. I chewed through a few of the little rubber separators and my ortho replaced them with little metal springs. I haven't been able to eat solid food since! I'm so glad you found me! I also feel like I'm so far behind this process than everyone else. I'll be following your blog!

  10. Hi Amanda!
    Thanks for you kind words and wishes, they mean a lot to me!
    I imagine by now the pain of the bands have gotten under control. For me the pain lasted about 3-4 days ug. Next stop for you is braces...can't wait to see your progress! When you get the braces in, it will be a little difficult to talk, but you will get use to this fast!
    Have a wonderful day!