Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nerd Alert

Howdy everyone. In preparation of Braceface: The Sequel next week, I've been easing into contact lenses. We'll see how this works... I haven't worn them (except for a handful of weddings, etc) for quite a few years and I figured braces were going to be too much bling to also sport my frames. And even though I'm a big nerd in real life, I don't necessarily have to advertise it. Well, except for on this blog... So, in evidence of my nerd-dome, here goes: I'm VERY excited about the return of Dr. Who next weekend, am very disappointed in Torchwood this season, and this is the only picture I've ever taken with an actor(s)... 

You are all probably too young and/or normal to know these men are from
Star Trek: Voyager, my absolute favorite series of the whole Star Trek franchise. 
Tuvok was on set too, but wasn't around for the pic. 

xo. Amanda


  1. Hi Amanda!
    I think you look so cute in your glasses...but I understand.
    I have heard a lot about the Dr. Who story - mostly from Craig Ferguson show (he loves the show). I think I will start recording it to see what it is all about...
    Can't wait to see you in braces!!! Looking forward to updates!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. This post had me laughing out loud. You are a beautiful nerd! Looking forward to seeing more posts from you. :) x

  3. Thanks Brent. I DO love my glasses, I have a feeling they will creep back onto my face and I will proudly sport the four eyed, braceface look.
    Cat, glad to make you laugh!! Can't wait to post a pic on Monday:)

  4. I like the glasses! I wear contacts most of the time, I got them before I got my braces but be proud of your brace face, four eyed look! It does give the streotypical nerd look but as long as you don't care no one else will either!

    Good luck with getting your braces on! I suggest taking some ibuprofen before your appointment! My orthodontist recommended that I do that, I don't know your situation entirely but having my mouth open for that long was very uncomfortable and the ibuprofen helped alleviate some of the pain early on. Anyways, good luck and I can't wait to see pictures!

  5. Thanks Jamie! I will definitely take your advise and take something before my appointment, I wouldn't have know if you didn't mention it!

  6. Amanda,

    You really are super-cute with your glasses. I think you should keep them!!! :-)

  7. lol, thanks cece. in reality, i err on the side of laziness, which doesn't bode well for contact lenses.

  8. I am also sporting the braces and glasses look...I like to call it my Ugly Betty look! I do have contact lenses, but I only really wear them for social occasions. Most of the time I wear my glasses, so I definitely have the nerd look going on, but it won't be for too long...I hope!

  9. thanks Sarah, I'll be in good company then:)