Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"B" day is almost here

I'm excited and want to cry at the same time (and I don't mean tears of joy). Operation Braceface will commence in August. Spacers will be added on August 8th, braces on August 22nd. Boo and Yay!

Question for all you bracefaces: Are you happy with your metal vs. ceramic decision? I'm actually leaning toward metal bc the brackets are so much smaller and they are supposedly faster. Also, I've come this far, I might as well really go for it. Thoughts?

I am grateful to live across the PCH from very wealthy people in Malibu, who pay for their own firework barge to float in and give us all a show. view from my roof deck. hip hip hooray!


  1. I have the clear brackets, but they are really small, so not very noticeable. I have the damon style, with the doors that open to change the wires. I have no complaints in more than a year. Only one bracket ever popped off, too. good luck!

  2. Hi Amanda. I'm very happy with my decision to go with metal on the bottom and ceramic on top. My OD gave me the same time frame with either choice, so that did not play into my decision. The huge thing for me is that the ceramic are much less visible than the metal, and I've found that I'm fairly confident with my smile and working in a professional setting even with my braces. I heard from my OD assistant that the advantage for the smaller metal brackets is greater for the bottom than for the top because of how the lips sit on the braces. Of course, everyone is different, but it's worked for me, and I often do think of how happy I am having ceramic on the top instead of metal. Ceramic is a bit more pricey, but entirely worth it IMO. Everyone is different though. Go with what makes you most comfortable.

  3. Ellie, I think you made a good choice with metal on the bottom and ceramic on the top. I know the Damon style braces (they come in metal and ceramic) are really new and actually have a shorter in braces time because they are able to manipulate them a bit more without having to deal with the bands that go around the brackets. I have ceramic fully on the top and then the front 6 teeth on the bottom are ceramic as well. Are both the top and bottom going to be the Damon ones or will they have bands around them?

  4. Neither the metal or ceramic at my ortho's are Damon style, they both use ligatures. Dani and Ellie, both of you have really nice pix of your teeth in the ceramic, which is swaying me in that direction. Ugg, I just worry bc I have some yellowing in my two front teeth from root damage that can't be fixed until all this is done. I'm scared the ceramic will emphasize it.

  5. Oh no! Don't be sad! I promise that braces aren't that bad. I've had them twice before and will have them again after my surgery. After a while you'll forget that they're even there (except for the couple days after adjustments - and even then the soreness isn't inhibiting). I think you made a good choice in your configuration. Clear ceramic braces have come a long way since they first showed up. They're smaller now and don't stain like the older ones. And the ceramic won't emphasize or hide damage or yellowing. It basically looks just how it does before braces. Don't worry, everything will turn out great :)

    And I'm sooooo jealous of the cool show you got. I was too busy boarding around the old Rail Trail and I missed the small back yard shows that I usually watch lol.