Sunday, August 10, 2014


Hi All,

Just a quick update. Can't believe it will be my 2 year surgery anniversary in Oct. Everything is pretty good. No pain, no movement. The only lingering thing is some numbness of the upper jaw. The gums of my upper front 6 teeth are still numb, as is part of my upper lip - where the lip meets my gums. It really doesn't bother me. I only notice when I brush my teeth or when I'm writing blog posts;)

Everything is great with mommyhood. Charlie will be 3 months old on Aug 16. His treatment for his club feet is progressing. We are now past the cast phase and into braces. He's gotten used to them, so no biggie;)

Here are some pix!

This is a progression from 1 week old to 6 weeks old. We took these pictures between cast changes. Each Friday the doctor moved his feet a little bit toward the correct position and apply a new cast. After the 6th cast, Charlie had a "tenotomy" which is the severing of the Achilles tendon. Then was in a cast for 3 straight weeks, while his tendon healed. After that time, they removed the cast and put him in a brace!
He wears it 24/7 (except during bath time) for the next 3 months.
Then he'll go down to just nighttime and naps.
I've already decided that I will dress him up as Shaun White for Halloween. 



  1. Hey, Amanda! You wear mommyhood beautifully…and Charlie is a little troooper! He is so stinkin' cute. I have to admit I LOLd at the "Shaun White" reference.

    You have such a positive, loving spirit surrounding the little guy. He has a great family, and even though he can't talk, I know he "feels" the love... I'm sure it's helping him take it all in stride.

    Can't wait to see Charlie crawling around and taking his first steps…It will be here before you know it!! Keep hanging in there!

    --Always, Cece

  2. It's awesome that you're fully recovered from your surgery, although complete sensation has not returned. I guess you've learned to just ignore it, by this time. Anyway, Charlie is super adorable, as always. I definitely agree with the commenter above. Motherhood is very becoming of you. Thank you for sharing! Stay beautiful, Amanda!

    Alexis Jensen @ Kelleher Ortho

  3. My God Amanda hes beautiful! A belated Congratulations!!!

    His Talipes foot is a blast from the past! My 13 year old brother was born with club foot in both feet. He has hypermobility (which is what they think caused it) he had his surgeries and splints etc, and now wears specially designed boots and generally walks very well - if not a little bendy here and there!

    I Hope everything continues well and I'll be back to see your updates :)


  4. Hi, Amanda! Thanks for dropping by my page. How's the family? When you feel up to it, I'd love to see an husband and I are expecting this fall!