Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 139 - 4 Months, 16 days

Hi Everyone:)

In my last post, I mentioned I had an appointment for the installation of a palate expander to widen my upper arch a bit (Jan 24th). I missed that appointment and made and skipped 2 more, delaying this whole process by a month. But you know what? I really don't care that much. Yes, I do want these things OFF, but I'm not as anxious as I was pre-surgery with the "hurry up already" state of mind. I was also in no hurry to be in pain and discomfort. Now that I've had the expander for a week, I know my concerns were not overstated... I HATE THIS THING! It's as if I've reverted back to my first week post-op. I can't eat properly, speak properly and my mouth hurts. I could actually speak better after surgery than now. My next appointment is in 3 weeks. I can't wait to get this thing OUT.

My lovely "spring" expander. You can't tell, but there's
quite a bit of room between the metal and the roof of my mouth.
I can slide my tongue above it or store food and nuts for winter. 

Each day gets a little better, but I'm TOTALLY OVER extreme measures.

I'm too lazy to take proper photos, so I've thrown a few in here from trips we've recently taken to Paso Robles and Petaluma, CA. They actually aren't wine trips, but beer trips. Jeff and I are craft beer/IPA geeks.

Dani and I recently talked about the difference of seeing photos of ourselves now compared with before surgery. Before surgery you delete 9 out of 10 photos, now you keep 9 out of 10. It's fantastic.

LOVE my straight (normal) bite. 


  1. Amanda, you are looking GREAT!! I LOVE that last pic of you especially; but you have a lovely big bracey smile in every photo. I am glad that I had my expander before my big surgery; hope your is out before you know it.
    Cheers, Ellie

  2. You look so good! Wow you haven't posted pics in a while but I can totally see the changes now. Your jawline is perfect! I feel so bad that you have to go through that torture after already having jaw surgery. I agree with you though how post op that whole panic that everything needs to move faster just goes away. I remember our old posts were we would always wish our appointments were sooner so we could have the surgery already and be done with it.
    Best of luck with the expander, I hope you don't have to wear it for too long.

  3. AHH you look gorgeous !! i haven't seen your face in so long. Things have really settled down, you look SO great! Miss you girl!

  4. Thanks ladies:) It's been a few quiet months for me as far as pictures bc I wasn't totally happy with the results, but I think that it was still some residual swelling. things are starting to look normal. Either that or I'm getting used to new features. I really shouldn't complain too much... Ellie, you had your expander for sooooo long! And Terra, I can't even imagine the drag of the post op infections and procedures you had to endure...

    All for progress:)


  5. Hi, I just found and joined your blog (I've got lots of posts to read to catch up!) I just wanted to say that I empathise with the expander. I wore one for 16 months (I'm still pre-surgery). I couldn't eat properly and I couldn't day certain letters! I used to get crazy frustrated when people couldn't understand me.... Ggrrrrrr... I'm glad it's gone now :)
    I'll get on with reading your journey now!

  6. Oh nooo poor you, that thing looks hardcore! You're looking really good though! Very pretty pictures!

  7. Wow It's so good to read up on your journey! Ur smile is looking great ! It's crazy how far we've come !